Covid, clapping, masks and marketing!

Well bloody Nora eh – what on earth do we make of 2020? With only a few days remaining till we bid it farewell, I for one will be celebrating with just the family and mother-in-law in our little bubble, which saddens me as like so many of you I do love a good get together especially at Christmas.

I’ve been extremely fortunate in that my clients are in the main, training providers so have been able to remain open for the most part but all around me I’ve seen so many strong and successful companies face impossibly difficult challenges, simply because their chosen industry is weddings, hospitality, music or events and they are without a doubt fighting for their very survival. But, amazingly through it all I have also witnessed some amazing entrepreneurship, stunning successes and support from places you wouldn’t expect, it lifts me up and gives me so much hope. The business community is full of sparkle, positivity, energy, support, laughs and so much more – you have been amazing each and every one of you and so many of you have helped me in so many ways throughout this year.

I’m sure we will see all this positivity thrive and grow to make 2021 a success.

SO, I am sat here pondering, what did I learn during lockdown? and was pretty amazed at the answers...

· That I don’t like as many people as I thought (ooops)

· That I’m not as social as I thought (who would have thought it eh!)

· That I am very self-motivated once I set my mind on something (getting fit and strong)

· That I look shit on Teams

· That I look much better on Zoom

· That helping people with training online is really quite fun and you get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve helped people

· That I love working collaboratively

· That I miss managing people (working on my own can be lonely)

· That I have come to hate Joe Wicks and planking

· That I love Joe Wicks and star jumps

· That I prefer road to mountain biking (never saw that one coming)

· That life does go on without hockey (and it turns out it was a perfect time to retire as no one has been able to play much anyway!)

· That I think I might come out of hockey retirement as I’m 20 lb lighter and sure my back will hold up now

· That someone should shoot me if I come out of hockey retirement

· That I am now officially a grown up as I can listen to audible books

So as 2020 comes to an end, I aim to continue to be thankful for everything I do have (not the things I don’t) and above all to be kind – always. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

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