Life as my own Boss (part two)

My first hurdle to overcome was a company name… ‘Dawn Delivers’ had a ring to it but I feared folk would ring asking for pepperoni pizza. After many long nights I settled on ‘Love Marketing’ – because quite simply I do :) Time now to create a brand, website, buy all the equipment, mac, printers, insurance and hit the road with my shiny new business cards. I networked like a woman possessed and it started to pay off. One of my previous bosses (who then became my mentor) had bought a big old private school and had lovingly restored it into the most fabulous venue for weddings, private parties and corporate events and she needed someone to help set it up, brand it and market it and would I be

Life as my own boss (part one)

I don’t know about you but whenever I sit down with the aim of writing a blog for my own business, 9 times out of 10 I move onto work I need to do for a client – sometimes writing a blog for them! Oh the irony :) I generally start with a blank piece of paper (yep I’m old school) and jot down interesting things I’ve been up too, then I screw up said pieces of paper and see how many I can get in the bin without missing. This is usually because a) its too boring b) I think who on earth would be interested in what my days are like…. So c) never happens! So….. As a marketing consultant I aim to start practicing what I preach and actually get one done. Get ready, hold on to your hats… I have run

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