Dear Future Self.....

I’m sure most of you (like me) spend a lot of time trying to help our kids by offering advice and guidance using our own life experiences as lessons. I’m sure we do this with the best intentions so our own kids learn from our mistakes.

In that same spirit, I wondered what advice I would give to myself in 20 years time. So I decided to write a letter to my future self (from me at 45 to my 65 year old self) … here is what I would like to tell her…..

Hello 65 year old me,

  1. I hope by now you know you are an amazing person just as you are

  2. Are happy and content

  3. Have learnt to speak Spanish

  4. Have stopped worrying about all the things you can’t control

  5. Still laugh till you snort and (nearly pee)

  6. Have learnt it’s ok to fart in front of your hubby (we can all hope: )

  7. Take the time to appreciate the little things – views, walks, your home

  8. I hope you have grown your own veggies

  9. That you still love running and have completed a few half marathons!

  10. That you know Katie loves you more than you think and now she has her own children knows you were right most of the time (again we can hope!!)

  11. That you love being a granny and spending time with your grandchildren

  12. That you are still kind - always

  13. That you appreciate your husband and celebrate being in love for over 50 years by skiing together in Canada!

  14. Get Katie to write a letter to her future self

  15. You finally realise its ok to sometimes not be ok

  16. You write that book

  17. You eventually get a dog

  18. You still love to boogie and think you're Beyonce when you’ve had one too many prosecco’s

  19. Have learnt to meditate without feeling silly

  20. Still have a girly holiday every year with the same brilliant friends

  21. You went to see Take That - The Pension Tour with those same mates

  22. That you sold your business and made a small fortune

  23. Don't write quite so many lists

  24. Still get excited for christmas and the tree still goes up on the 1st December as its never too early

  25. You realise you have turned into your mum and that i's not such a bad thing - it's actually rather brilliant!

With love always your 45 year old self


So what’s the one piece of advice you would give to your future self?

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