Hairy Toes and Anxiety Woes

Hello again :) It's been a while since my last blog but I have spent so much of the last few months on a quest, which no doubt is a quest many of you have also faced…. yes, I am officially at ‘that’ age where I start to sprout hair from very random places…. upper lips, big toes, chin, boobs the list goes on. Seriously, what has happened and, more importantly, what IS the best way to get rid of them? Hence my quest…. I am certainly not alone in this, as a night out with my friends evidenced, out of 12 of us 6 had hairy big toes… we also discussed, hairy noses, ears, cheeks, nipples, bellies and chins and they are just the areas I can discuss in a blog. I’ve even googled why…the answer is hor

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